Language of Access at Royal Institution

As part of this Language of Access course, we are going to a masterclass at the Royal Institution on Tuesday 10th December.  We will be looking at their collections but most exciting of all is that we will find out all about how they stage the Christmas Lectures.  I am so excited!  I have watched the Christmas lectures every year since I was really quite a young child (which is a very long time ago now).

The Royal Institution is also where Charles Wheatstone apparently failed to give a lecture.  He sneaked out the back door and Michael Faraday stepped in to give the lecture for him!  So, even more relevant to our project – Scrambled Messages.


Tuesday 10 December 2013 – masterclass on Royal Institution collections and staging the Christmas Lectures (Venue: Royal Institution, 9.30-2.00)

Royal Institution

1 Albemarle Street
London W1S 4BS

Wheatstone and electricity

Follow the link below to the altmetrics for this paper by Charles Wheatstone:

An Account of Some Experiments to Measure the Velocity of Electricity and the Duration of Electric Light

Charles Wheatstone
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London , Vol. 124, (1834), pp. 583-591

Published by: The Royal Society
Article Stable URL:
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